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We strive for happiness! From concept to execution, we take your needs, input, and ideas to create the marketing you desire for your business. Our happy clients can attest to this.

“Dana is one of the best Web designers that I have worked with. She is very responsive, attentive, clear, accessible and creative. She not only designed my real estate website, but also gave me a list of very helpful tips on marketing and Internet advertisement – all as a bonus.

If you need help choosing the right website Theme for your business, customizing it, installing plugins, widgets, pop-up screen, and landing pages, Dana can do it all and more.

Thank you Dana for the outstanding service!”

Natasha Lingle

Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams

“A professionally designed website is an awesome marketing tool, so when my website became antiquated, I sought help. The company I had used previously wanted to recreate my site for thousands of dollars. A friend recommended Dana. Her ideas were so far beyond my imagination and so on target for what I needed . . . and so in line with my budget, I could hardly believe it. And what’s more she did it with a minimum of fuss. She gave me choices and then interpreted those choices into a sophisticated presentation that is appealing to people searching for real estate in the Salisbury, MD area. Referrals are my life’s blood, so I understand their importance. Therefore, I relish this opportunity to recommend Dana, she will make you proud to say, “Checkout my website.”

Loudell Insley

Real Estate Agent, Long and Foster

“Dana has been a blessing to me. Since I am not “tech” savvy, I needed to find someone that could understand what I wanted to implement and run with it! Fortunately, I found Dana! She is knowledgeable, hard working and almost most important to me, very responsive! She understands my goals and incorporates my ideas with hers. She is creative and an absolute pleasure to work with. I have given her name many times and everyone I recommended her to has been 100% happy with her services. I had used other web designers before but will never use anyone else ever again. She has improved my business and I have total confidence in everything she does. Thank you, Dana, for all the outstanding work you do for me! You are simply the best!”

Sheila Erikson

Real Estate Agent, Long and Foster

“Dana of Market Me has done a fantastic job for me and I would recommend her to anyone using a website and/or other internet sites to market their business. Dana is very knowledgeable with creative marketing talents to put together programs, and an internet strategy or website to increase your business.

Dana revamped my website, and utilized other internet sites to tie into my website increasing my hits, prospect capture, and ultimate business. Prior to using Dana I was not getting any business at all off my website. At that point it was nothing but an expense. Since I used Dana to review what I wanted to accomplish and what my goals were, Dana had first re-structured my site making it user friendly and
informative for visitors. Secondly, she tied my site in with other links (URL’s) that has increased my exposure, traffic, return visitors, and prospects leading to an over 400% increase in a short period of time. This then led to an increase in business which of course is the ultimate goal.

I would highly recommend Dana and Market Me for anyone that is looking for creative internet marketing, using a website to market their business, or having a site for their business that will attract more visitors that leads to more revenue and net income. Dana is not only internet savvy but she combines this with very creative marketing and design skills. These talents combined clearly are reflected in her work.

I would like to thank Dana for what she has helped me accomplish to date, and I continue to use Dana to adjust strategies, and increase my business.”

Michael Mavromates

Real Estate Agent, Long and Foster

“When 90% of our business is internet driven, Market Me and Dana keep us at the “Top of the Internet” market. Our web driven sales have enabled us to significantly increase our market capture ratio.

Looking to increase your business in a down economy…Market Me should be your first
interview. Thanks Dana!”

Linda Carbone

Real Estate Agent, Long and Foster

“Just a little thank you for your knowledge in computer marketing. Since we have been using your services you have significantly increased our business and made our lives a lot easier. We now are free to do our job of selling real estate and have confidence that you will be on top of the latest marketing trends that will eventually benefit us.

Thanks for a great job!”

Arlene and Bonnie Schwartz

Real Estate Agent, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

“Just a note to express my appreciation for the outstanding service that I receive from Market Me. As you know, I have used your services for about 5 years now, and I still receive the same dedicated service that I received from day one. Few companies today offer this ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction. Not only were you able to help me put together a great web site to take my business to the next level, your ability to focus on my business objectives and outcomes was remarkable. All of the mail marketing orders and brochure layouts are handled very quickly and efficiently and the suggestions for improvements are extremely on point. Thanks again.”

Kathleen Tully

Real Estate Agent, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

“Dana is the one person that I can rely on to make sure that all of my internet marketing, initial transaction entry and updating of client information onto the internet is taken care of in a timely fashion. I give her the lead on any new work or updates and leave it at that. I do not have to think about what needs to be done, the time it would take to be completed and when it needs to be updated. Dana handles this end of my business enabling me to focus on new business coming on board. Dana has the ability to understand what you need, tweak it and get the work done.”

Heidi Rommel

Real Estate Agent, RE/MAX Connection

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